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If the game of rugby league is going to grow and prosper it will be through the development of our junior players who participate in club & school competitions.

I am honoured to be associated with a carnival that provides a well-organized set of fixtures with the most basic aim having fun.

Allowing young players to test their skills in atmosphere where enjoyment of the game is paramount.

I extend to players, team officials, parents, and organisers my very best wishes for a most successful day and look forward to seeing some of our talented young stars of the future in action.

Hon Warren Pitt AM


2000 – Premiers: Townsville, RWM: Anthony Mitchell (TSV)

2001 – Premiers: Cairns, RWM: Theeran Pearson (CNS)

2002 – Premiers: Thuringowa, RWM: Beau Rigoni (INN)

2003 – Premiers: Thuringowa, RWM: Leon Boota (INN)

2004 – Premiers: Cairns, RWM: Willie-John Leger (INN)

2005 – Premiers: Cairns South, RWM: Brandon Tatipata (CNS)

2006 – Premiers: Innisfail, RWM: Kurtis Buchannan (INN)

2007 – Premiers: Thuringowa, RWM: Jalen Sutcliffe (TSV)

2008 – Premiers: Townsville, RWM: Jacob Bourke (TSV)

2009 – Premiers: Townsville, RWM: Lawrence Mosby (CNS)

2010 Premiers: Thuringowa, RWM: Ryan Westcombe (CNS)

2011 – Premiers: Townsville, RWM: Jarret Subloo (INN)

2012 – Premiers: Thuringowa, RWM: Steven Savage (THU)

2013 Premiers: Townsville, RWM: Tyrese Crathern (MUL)

2014 – Premiers: Thuringowa, RWM: Tamale Yeatman (CNS)

2015 – Premiers: Yarrabah, RWM: Harvey Thomas (YJRL)

2016 – Premiers: Innisfail Cowboys, RWM: Jace Williams (KJRL)

2017 – Premiers: Ivanhoes, RWM: Jack Nix (IJRL)

2018 – Premiers: Redlynch, RWM: Layla Geck (IJRL)



2011 – Francis Mosby Memorial High Ball: Tasmen Yeatman (YJRL), Arthur O’Doherty Memorial 50m Sprint: Tasmen Yeatman (YJRL)

2012 – Francis Mosby Memorial High Ball: Scott Ware (CNS), Arthur O’Doherty Memorial 50m Sprint: Dylan Whitw (IJRL)

2013 – Francis Mosby Memorial High Ball: Clay Smith (TSV), Arthur O’Doherty Memorial 50m Sprint: Tyrese Crathern (MUL)

2014 – Francis Mosby Memorial High Ball: Henry Mellick (MUL), Arthur O’Doherty Memorial 50m Sprint: Tyriece Baira-Gela (CNS)

2015 – Francis Mosby Memorial High Ball: Telston Bounghi (YJRL), Arthur O’Doherty Memorial 50m Sprint: Rodney McGuiness (SSJRL), Charles Vessey Memorial Spirit of League: White Rock

2016 – Francis Mosby Memorial High Ball: Jermaine Stevens (IJRL), Arthur O’Doherty Memorial 50m Sprint: Kohen Briggs (IJRL), Charles Vessey Memorial Spirit of League: Central Scorpions

2017 – Francis Mosby Memorial High Ball: Alfred Mosby (CSJRL), Arthur O’Doherty Memorial 50m Sprint: Joseph Mothe (KJRL), Charles Vessey Memorial Spirit of League: Central Scorpions

2018 – Francis Mosby Memorial High Ball: Cohen Emmi (TUL), Arthur O’Doherty Memorial 50m Sprint: Lavin Keyes (EDM), Charles Vessey Memorial Spirit of League: Tully Tigers